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Links and Resources

While we are dedicated to carrying the recovery message with music, 12StepRadio.com is not connected with any particular 12 Step Program or affiliated with any outside enterprise

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Recovery Community

 recovery realm
Recovery Realm is a fellowship of people in recovery from one or more different addictions.

12stepspace.com is a social networking site (like myspace) for recovering people. We have 1,700 members and we're growing daily!

 take 12 radio
Recovery Radio Show is about the true life stories of addicts, alcoholics, and folks who fall victim to other compulsivity and diseases. The show broadcasts seven shows a week.

 Sober Cafe PodCast
The Sober Café Podcast is a weekly show of music from artists in recovery. The show also offers rare interviews with musicians in recovery, sharing experience, strength, hope, and some great tunes.

Site is run for people in the Recovery community and also for those Seeking Recovery As well as offering help for addicts and alcoholics

 Let's Talk Recovery
A cutting edge radio show dedicated to spreading knowledge about recovery with featured guests. Live every sunday night 7-9pm p/t.

 WINR, (Women in New Recovery)
WINR’s 12 Step-based program and orderly living environment promote sober, socially-acceptable attitudes & skills – fostering profound personality-changing life experiences - resulting in women with the basic tools to face life with resiliency and self-sufficiency.

 History of AA
The Roots of our A.A. Program Fourth Annual Phoenix A.A. History Conference

 Recovery Chat
Community chat for recovery

 Las Vegas GA (Yahoo Group)
A place where you can do the following: Find a GA meeting in Las Vegas, find information about GA, find resources to help you stop gambling and further your recovery, share your story and seek advice, chat with other people in recovery, and anything else the members of the group would like to add that will assist us on our life long journey of recovery.

When we come into the rooms of recovery, it seemed we are surrounded by others lost in there ego addictions. These links offer a collection of recovery topics designed to help someone you know or may have " left behind ".


 South Florida Crystal Meth Anonymous
Crystal Meth Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other so that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from addiction to crystal meth and all other mind-altering substances.

 The Sponsors Aide
12 Step Resource site for all 12 steppers. Offering topics on How to Pick a Sponsor, When 2 step back, Downloads, Boundaries and limitations, and more.

 Santa Monica Sunday Night Speaker Meeting
The above website posts N.A. pitches from the Sunday Night Santa Monica meeting and has listeners from all over the world. A great resource for addicts who are geographically isolated to hear the N.A. message.

 Take 12 Recovery Radio
12 Step opinion, experience, recovery sounds and talk radio.

Bringing Together A Community of Support for Sober Women and Moms in Recovery

 Recovery Radio Show
The Recovery Radio Show is broadcast live every Saturday night from Los Angeles and provides radio listeners and website viewers the Tips, Tools, and Solutions they need for dealing with alcoholism, drug addiction of all kinds, plus compulsive behaviors such as gambling, food, and sex addiction.

 Getting Past Gambling
A place to come and share experiences, to find support and strength, for those of us who are putting gambling behind us and finding new exciting and happier ways to live our lives.

 Online Alano Club
The Online Alano Club is a nonprofit association intended as a resource for Alcoholics Anonymous® members and groups.

 About Recovery
created to provide the most comprehensive single resource about co-occurring mental health and addictive conditions.

 A Geographic in Sobriety
A period of 7.7 decades covering triumphs and failures, tears of joy and sadness, actions of dedication and devotion, light-hearted humor along with deep grief at losses.

 Alcoholic Soul
Lifestyle change for Addiction

 Sober Recovery
SoberRecovery lists hundreds of addiction treatment and alcoholism treatment resources in the U.S., Canada, and Overseas.

 Cyber Recovery
Cyber Recovery Fellowship -
We stay sober and clean together - one day at a time!

 Cocaine Anonymous of San Diego
San Diego area Cocaine Anonymous. Links, resources, meeting schedules and area events.

Serenity Found is an online recovery resource for those seeking information and help with 12 Step Recovery.

 AA in the UK
Alcoholics Anonymous Web Portal for the United Kingdom. Information and meeting schedules for Great Britian and English speaking continental Europe.

Schedules and information that adheres to the principles set forth in 'The Twelve Traditions.'

Recovery Skits
The site that puts Smiles on the faces of people in recovery. Offering FREE, recovery-themed Skits, ready to be downloaded and performed.

 Online Recovery
News, articles and other information related to recovery.

 NA Recovery
Narcotics Anonymous information, NA meetings on-line, NA chat room, NA discussion/message board and many other recovery resources. Addicts helping addicts recover from the disease of addiction the NA way.

 Recovery Month
National Alcohol & Drug Addiction Recovery Month 2005

Online public service center, for those looking for solutions for alcohol problems, alcoholism and addiction

 AA Online
Alcoholics Anonymous information and meeting schedules.

 CA Online
Meetings, literature and information about Cocaine Annonymous

 N.I.C.D. National Institute on Chemical Dependency
Articles & Directories for: Chemical Dependency, Addiction, Addictions, Prevention, Recovery, Medical, Mental Health, Social Issues, Research, Education, Spirituality, Family, and more.

 My Real Broadcast
Broadcast stream - amazing stories of courage and hope.

 The 12 Step Café
The 12 Step Cafe® supports 12 step programs and those people who follow a path of recovery in their lives.

Alcoholism and Recovery -- Resource Links, Quotes, Jokes, News -- Updated One Day at a Time

 Recovery Avenue
Offering services to everyone in a 12 step program of recovery.

Recovery Universe
Share your Experience, Strength, and Hope. Video Meetings, Forums, AA Downloads, AA Info, Streaming Audio Leads, and Much, Much, More.

Recovery Homes and Programs

 Sober Living by the Sea
Sober Living by the Sea Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers (SLBTS) provide alcohol and drug treatment to those in need of rehabilitation for drug addiction, alcoholism, chemical dependency, substance abuse and other harmful drug addictions.

 Lasting Recovery
Lasting Recovery provides comprehensive, individualized outpatient alcohol and drug treatment for those individuals and families who suffer from the effects of alcoholism, addictions, chemical dependency, substance abuse, and relapses and who desire recovery.

 Celebration Hope Center
Professional therapeutic outpatient services to clients and families who may be struggling with various addictions, mental health issues, and/or life struggles in order to change lives, families, and communities.

 Sober Living by the Sea Treatment Centers
Alcoholism and chemical dependency residential treatment facilities, eating disorder treatment and outpatient services and programs, located in coastal Newport Beach California and in the Southern California foothills area.

 The Victorian of Newport Beach
Eating disorders, anorexia and bulimia treatment programs for women at the Victorian of Newport Beach, a 6-bed residential treatment facility.

 Sunrise Recovery Ranch
Drug and alcoholism treatment facility, 30-day program, all-male facility located in the Southern California foothills area, near Riverside. Drug rehab and addiction recovery programs are based on the 12-Step method.

 The Chapman House
Drug and Alcohol Abuse and Detox Center. Chapman House is dedicated to providing those with chemical dependency, dual diagnosis/co-occurring disorders with the highest quality of professional care available.

 Alano Recovery Homes
Provides a safe and healthy environment for recovery

 Recovery Row
Recovery Row offers newcomers an opportunity to live in a drug free living environment, where they can obtain sponsors, attend daily 12 step meetings, get jobs, and gain self esteem.

 Liberty House Sober Living Home
Liberty House is a sober living home that caters to post alcohol rehab and drug rehab patients. Liberty House is conveniently located in the heart of Los Angeles, California in Century City. Liberty House sober living home provides the needed structure to live a sober life and transition back into society and employability.

 The Libery Ranch - Men's Sober Living Home
The inspiration for starting The Liberty Ranch sober living from drug abuse and alcohol, home came while driving back to California in the spring of 2001 along a stretch of highway along Interstate 40 in Tennessee. I was driving along and out of the blue an idea came to me that was totally inspiring: “Build a large sober living home on a 20 acre piece of land, complete with a large pond and fishing dock. The drug abuse and alcohol sober living home idea would provide a place for not only the young men in Liberty House Los Angeles in recovery to go to, but for people in Casey, Kentucky and throughout the state of Kentucky, too.”

 Sober Travelers
provide services for members of 12-Step Fellowships and other recovery programs. Individual donations as well as proceeds from travel bookings are used to support operation of this and the Club's web sites.

 Sober Celebrations
Meeting new friends on these mini miracle filled events creates special memories in the scrapbook of the heart.

 Sober Vacations
Need a vacation? Need a meeting?

Recovery Stuff for Sale

 Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul
recovery-oriented products

 Sunlight of the Spirit Music
Sunlight of the Spirit Music features CDs in all genres created by artists in recovery. They also have the largest selection of twelve step and recovery music available for your spiritual toolkit. Much of the music heard on 12StepRadio.com is available in Sunlight of the Spirit Music's online store.

 AA Recovery Medallion Engraving
Sells medallions over the Internet

 Basic Stuff 4 U
Offers personalize service to convention/event committees with merchandise, registration and banner purchases. Also, offers their own designed recovery apparel and unique gifts. Licensed NA WSO approved vendors.

 Sober Duck T-Shirts
Sobriety T-Shirts, Great Soberity and Recovery T-Shirts.

 Twelve Beads
Twelve Step prayer beads to aid in the practice of Step Eleven.

 Sober Step
Book and gift shop that is dedicated to serving the recovery community

 Twelve Step Prints
Visual Interpretations of the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous

 Recovery Threads
Offers clothing to the recovery community that is different, has bite, and reflects the kind of thinking that isn't the "norm".

 Twelve Songs
Wife, Mother and Singer-songwriter

 Pocket AA
Download the AA Big Book to your PC or your Pocket PC

 Clean and Serene Soaps
Original , unique soaps with spiritual slogans handmade and packaged with love.

 The 12 Step Store
Dedicated to bringing you the very best in recovery products.

Gifts Anonymous
Offers stories and Gifts, Jewlery, and Chips for those in recovery.

Choices, Addiction Recovery Self Help
Help people who suffer from afflictions such as alcoholism, drug addiction, eating disorders & depression. We provide literature and other recovery products to people in all 12 Step Programs.

12 Step 'Official' Sites

 Overeaters Anonymous
Offering help and resources for individuals in OA

 Nicotine Anonymous
Offering help and resources for the still suffering nicotine addict who wishes to stop using nicotine 365 days a year.

 Alcoholics Anonymous Official Site
12 step recovery for alcoholics

 Al-Anon / Alateen
12 step support for family and friends of alcoholics

 Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACA)
12 step support for those who grew up in alcoholic or otherwise dysfunctional homes.

 Cocaine Anonymous (CA)
12 step recovery for cocaine addicts

12 step support for family and friends of the chemically dependent

 Co-Dependents Anonymous (CODA)
12 step recovery for those who want to develop healthy relationships

 Crystal Meth Anonymous (CMA)
12 step recovery for crystal meth addicts

 Dual Recovery Anonymous (DRA)
12 step recovery for people afflicted with a dual diagnosis

 Food Addicts
Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous

 Gamblers Anonymous (GA)
12 step recovery for gamblers

 Marijuana Anonymous (MA)
12 step recovery for marijuana addicts

 Narcotics Anonymous (NA)
12 step recovery for any addict seeking recovery

 Nar-Anon Family Groups
Nar-Anon Family Groups

 Sexaholics Anonymous
Sexaholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength, and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover.

 Sexaholics Anonymous (2)
Overcome a sexual addiction and help others recover from sexual addiction or dependency.

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