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"A great site, great music,good solid recovery can be found 24/7 at 12 step radio.com. I'm hooked and i like it!!!"
- Jerry P. 

"This website is a BRILLIANT idea. I've been trying to find some kind of purpose in my life, and I think I found it here. I've always used music to help me through cravings, to calm me down(anxiety), to give me energy, to lift me up, to be grateful, etc...."
- Jennifer 

"What a great station! I had 12 years of sobriety, lost it, and am trying to find my way back. I know the station isn't an alternative to actually going to meetings, but the music is so convicting that it makes me want to go, get a sponsor, and get back into sobriety. Those were the best 12 years of my life. I want the quality of life back... being out there really sucks! Thanks for the station! You're doing amazing work"
- John F.  what others have to share


Heard from a Meeting:

"I thought I was the black sheep of my family - till I got to my first meeting, then I found the rest of my flock..."

"Hold out for cake"

"I'm not an alcoholic - I just have a drinking problem."

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Thank you for helping us continue to carry the 12 Step message with live broadcasts, interviews, and connecting the recovery community online!
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