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Twelve Songs - Mary Lyn B

12 SongsTwelve Songs - Mary Lyn B.*except Step/song 11 - Inside the Silence written & performed by Ed Tree.  Produced by Ed Tree

Available at www.twelvesongs.com
©2003 mlfunnybunny Publishing (ASCAP)

Review by Bill Z.
This is the CD that started it all. When I started my quest to find recovery music, I searched the internet and found this CD. Skeptical at first, I thought I would find it full of amateurish songs thrown together by “one of us”. What a surprise! From the moment I received this CD, I have been amused and inspired by its songs. Many of the songs on this CD have been my favorite only to be edged out by another.

The concept is “simple but not easy”. Each song tells a story that corresponds with a step. The songs are numbered 1 through 12.

Mary Lyn is an accomplished songwriter and performer and the production is incredible. Her vocals, the band, and the recording are awesome. This is a must have CD if you like great music. If you like the 12 Steps, even better.

You can purchase it, or get more information about it, at www.twelvesongs.com

Track Listings:
1. What Happened To Me A song about the transformation that occurs when the truth is told.
2. 90 Meetings' In 90 Days This is a popular saying told to a newcomer. Attending 90 meetings in 90 days, allows new thoughts and attitudes to be attained.
3. Surrender The submission of one's will.
4. I Won't Do That A humorous approach to a serious step.
5. Tellin Secrets, Burnin Lies An intimate song dealing with repentance, honesty and freedom.
6. Progress Not Perfection A light-hearted approach to a life-long process. Also a popular saying in A.A.
7. Go To Any Lengths When faced with choices, sometimes we need to sacrifice the pleasure of the moment to have peace in the future.
8. Payin For My Fun A song about being willing to do what's necessary to clean up the past
9. I'm Sorry A dramatic song of forgiveness.
10. In These Rooms A descriptive song about the rooms of A.A. Meetings are not only to learn, but also to feel at peace.
11. Inside The Silence Instrumental. Time for reflection on your own thoughts and feelings.
12. Reach A fun and encouraging song. Life is full of adventure. Reach for your dreams!
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