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12StepRadio.com is an independent, online radio music station. We are always looking for new recovery oriented music suitable to play on the "air".
We are very selective.

Click Here to Submit a Song to 12 Step Radio

Types of music desired
By listening to 12StepRadio.com you can hear the type and quality of music desired by our listeners. The music that we play is a mixture of rock, folk and folk rock, country and country rock, Americana, etc. The main idea is that the message has something to do with what it was like, what happened, and what itís like now.

If you hear a commercial song that is about recovery or has a recovery message please let us know. Click here to suggest a song.

Songwriters and artists
We are very interested in original songs. Please submit them.
Submission does not guarantee that we will play your music. We do not return any  submissions and we cannot guarantee that your titles will be selected, but if  your title is chosen for airplay, we will contact you. Please complete a separate form for each song you are submitting for airplay.

12StepRadio, Inc.
11452 El Camino Real, Suite 401
San Diego, CA 92130

Questions? E-mail 12Stepradio.com

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